Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drink Crate FUNctional!

Old soda drink crates are easily found at any antique or junk shop. HECK I'm pretty sure Pottery Barn is even selling them! We found a way to add a little flare & pump up the functionality of them. My husband made scrolls from rolled steal & I have attached them to the bottoms of our crates as FEET! How cute!

We use them all over the house. Take a look.....


Teresa Reasor said...

I'm a friend of Amy Durham and also an art teacher here in Corbin, Kentucky. I just thought I'd pop on and say hello.

The pop crates are great. You could also use them as shelves inside of cabinets. All you'd need are the rollers and metal slides. Or wouldn't it be great to build a cabinet and use them as the drawers.

I too use found objects to create art. And i love to use wood scraps to do relief sculpture.
I haven't tried metal work. Though I'm trying to talk my neighbor into teaching me to weld.

Sculpt on,
Teresa Reasor

Dana Cheryl said...

Hey!! I'm another one of Amy's friends. Love your stuff!!