Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Groomsmens' Gifts

Recently my brother got married. I LOVE my sister-in-law. Like me, she is crafty minded & an appreciator of art. John, my brother, somehow did not inherit this trait. His new bride is usually the one picking out gifts for all occasions. When the bridal party gifts came into question, I suppose she let him handle it on his own.....Hummmm. Alas, lucky for he there is an equally crafty sister to run to!

From high & low ball glasses bought at Wal-Mart & enamel paint from Micheal's Arts & Crafts I took the Groomsman's faces & "cartooned" them accordingly. The low ball glass got tagged with the wedding date & the boys' nicknames.

The paint took a few coats, but turned out great I thought. I only bought the essential colors, & mixed the rest. I chose brown as a background to appeal to the "manly" gift receiver. On the bottom is the wedding date. (written backwards so that it could be read while drinking)

After the paint dried for an hour, I placed the glasses in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. Then opened the oven door to allow cooling. The glasses should be hand washed & are safe for drinking!

The boys loved them & swore never to drink from them, though they could have.

John Aaron, Brian, Trevor

Adam, Darius

See the resemblance?
This project could easily be adapted for Bridesmaids, Christmas, graduation, babyshowers, teacher appreciation, ect.

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Cathy Cobblestone said...

Too cute Cassie! So glad you have a blog now so you can share your many talents with us all. I wish you and Todd MUCH success! I'll link you up when you are ready and if you want me to. Good luck and happy creatin'!